Burleson Foundation Repair

​The stability of the foundation of your property is a critical factor in how safe your are living and working inside of it. The old adage that you are only as strong as your foundation definitely applies to the structure of your residential and commercial property.
This is why using the services of a foundation expert is an important task so that you are using a highly skilled and experience foundation repair provider ensure your safety. Burleson Foundation Repair is a fully licensed and certified foundation repair company. We use formally trained contractors who use state of the art techniques to repair all your foundation problems. ​

About Us

As foundation repair experts, we have long time experience providing feedback and repairs for structural damage to residential and commercial properties. This means you have the peace of mind that your home is safe and well proven techniques will be used for whatever problems arise in your foundation. From cracks in concrete, foundation floor cracks, black and base repair to slap repair and settling problems, we specialize in foundation repair. Our foundation repair methods withstand the test of time and as long-term solutions, they prove to be some of the best top affordable strategies in the sector and we are very proud of that reputation. Our foundation experts are committed to providing you with the best care possible in order to remedy your structural damages.
We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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​Whether you have small cracks in your walls or standing water around the foundation of your home or your doors and windows are starting to look lopsided, these are all possible signs of the need for a foundation expert. Burleson Foundation Repair provides property owners with free estimates that detail your foundation problems with accuracy. You never need question if the foundation repair is needed because our contractors also provide you the life expectancy of each intended service. We have a long time presence in the industry and you benefit from our formal training as well as our deep experiences having served countless clients with superior foundation repair.

​Slab Repair

There are various types of foundations and if you have a slab foundation, your bears specific signs and symptoms when it needs repair. Many homeowners though keen to make home improvements and maintain their property are just not experts in foundation repair. Burleson Foundation Repair takes the worry out of your hands and provides you with accurate solutions to repair your slab foundation making it a safe structure again.

​Pier and Beam Repair

All types of foundations experience wear and tear and your pier and beam foundation is not immune. But with the help of our foundation experts the shifts and upheavals the pier and beam as well as block and base foundations experience can be efficiently and quickly repaired. It’s vital that you call a professional foundation repair service with expertise in these types of foundations, as they do not have signs and symptoms similar to various other foundation types.
“I highly recommended these guys, they really know their business of foundation repair and we had an excellent experience using them.” – Ron B. ​

Pier & Beam Repair

The presence of water is always an indicator that your should call in a foundation repair expert. Whether it’s from rain or standing water if your drains around your foundation are not functioning properly and need repair or replacement this is a damage that can quickly balloon out of control. Our free estimate and evaluations have supplied critical information to homeowners well before more complicated and extensive damage occur. Drainage repair doesn’t have to be an expensive home repair when you call us earlier enough to rectify the problem.


Burleson Foundation Repair uses a variety of methods to repair settlement issues in your home and mudjacking is one approach. It is not a strategy that will work for every foundation, but it is an affordable long-term solution for many homeowners. Our foundation repair contractors have conducted this technique for years and we are experts problem solvers. If mudjacking isn’t the right solution for your home we have other more successful and appropriate strategies.
“We have quite a few investment properties that needed work and we called Burleson for each one of them because they performed such great work on foundations.” – Cece K.

​Root Barrier

Trees add a great deal of value to your property but they can wreak structural damage when their roots are left unchecked. Root barrier systems are an excellent solution to keep you trees healthy and your property safe from their roots traveling too far underground. Cracked foundation floors, broken drainage and sidewalks that are experiencing upheaval will be troubles of the past when you call us for root barrier protection. We have a variety of barrier systems and we are happy to discuss the one appropriate for your trees and property.

​Cracked Wall Structural Repair

Cracked walls are often a symptom of a larger issue in the structure of your residential or commercial property and they can appear any size or shape. But the trick is knowing what is a serious crack that needs immediate attention and what is a crack that can be repaired easily without fear that your foundation is in jeopardy. Size does not always indicated the serious nature of a structural repair so it is vital that a foundation repair expert provides you accurate feedback.
“We had never even heard of mudjacking and had assumed that our settlement problems would be extremely expensive. We’re so glad that we called Burleson because they gave us the perfect solution.” – Jarelle C.​

Contact Us

​We value your business so we do our utmost best to ensure that your experience with us is superior. For Burleson Foundation Repair a good business practice means our clients have high customer satisfaction. That means as a clients you can expect attention to detail and our use of high quality products as well as well proven and successful methods of foundation repair. When you call us, we come to your property to provide you with a free estimate of service that included careful and accurate evaluation of your foundation. This ensures that you have a clear and detailed diagnosis in order to make an informed decision on your foundation repairs. Call us today and we will provide a quick response via mobile, email and our social media platforms.