There are various methods to fix foundation problems but not all of them are appropriate for the individual needs of a property. Mudjacking is such an example and though the technique has been around for at least 70 years, it is not always the perfect solution for your property. this is why it is vital for your to call upon the services of professional foundation expert company that can provide you with a variety of alternatives with mudjacking being among the well proven methods for repairs to your foundation. Burleson Foundation Repair offers property owners this method of lifting your concrete to resolve settling problems by using a high performance cocktail of sand, cement and soil to create stability in your foundation.

Efficient and Time Saving Process

Compared to many other foundation repair procedures, mudjacking is known as an efficient one that saves time. It is a great alternative for avoiding the time consuming process of completely removing and replacing a foundation. This means our foundation experts are disturbing your schedule for no more than hours rather than the days it would normally take for traditional approaches to foundation repair for settlement issues. You will also save time during the curing process because mudjacking typically requires about 24 to 48 hours to complete the process, but traditional methods require several weeks. In fact, most estimates say about 28 days for traditional concrete replacement to cure and be ready for use.

Cost Effective

This rapid curing ability is in part what makes mudjacking so affordable and cost effective. The process of mudjacking is so affordable because the materials though high-quality are not as expensive as traditional repair materials. So if you’re seeking to reduce costs but also ensure that the method of foundation repair is effective mudjacking may be right for your property. This budget conscious strategy along with its rapid repair process has provided countless property owners the opportunity to protect their property without breaking their bank accounts. Burleson Foundation Repair can do the same for your home when you call us for a free estimate of service.

Professional Knowledge

Using the mudjacking method is not a suitable repair for every foundation and it require professional knowledge and years of experience to know when it is the most appropriate. There are a great deal of signs and symptoms that a professional foundation repair expert should note before presenting mudjacking as a course of action. Though it is a cost efficient and rapid process to use in many instances as in the case of sidewalks, driveways and roads, there are places where mudjacking could further weaken your home’s foundation. This is particularly true if the soil under your foundation is not stable. With the expertise of Burleson Foundation Repair, you can make a sound decision to upgrade your foundation with mudjacking or determine is another course of action is a better plan.

Why Hire Us

As a professional foundation repair service, we employ multiple well-proven and successful strategies to maintain and protect homes. Foundation cracks, settling problems, cracked slabs ,root barrier and other structural damage repair is specialty and with our free inspections estimates, we are able to provide clients with full details for the cost of fixing foundation issues.

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