​Root Barrier

You probably love your big tall trees and they likely provide beauty and lots of shade around your property, but their roots can also wreak havoc on the foundation of your home and other parts of your structures. No doubt you’ve seen a gorgeous looking tree on a sidewalk but when you look at the sidewalk it’s cracked and experiencing upheaval from the strength of tree roots growing and extending out of its intended designated area. Burleson Foundation Repair has root barrier solutions that prevent this damage from happening to your foundation and other places on your property. As a strategy root barriers are an excellent strategy for training roots to stay within a specific area yet ensuring that the root system remains healthy.

Various Styles of Barrier Protection

Luckily root barriers are not all equal and they are created in various styles to ensure the protection of your foundation and elements like your utilities and drainage systems around your property. Because each one has a specific purpose and benefit, it is critical that you have a foundation expert provide you with accurate solutions. Whether you require a solid barrier or one that is permeable often depends on the how strong you require the barrier. You should consider if the barrier need to be permeable or solid and if there should be chemicals incorporated into the barrier protection to prevent growth of the tree roots. Our foundation experts can tell you whether these measures are needed to prevent damage to your property.

Constructed To Last

The last thing you want is for the integrity of your property to be at risk from tree roots, but it is an unfortunate reality when you do not have an observant landscape artists or you unplanned tree growth. Issues like tree roots snaking underground and punching holes into what you assumed could jeopardize your underground plumbing were strong materials. This will leave you with potentially complicated and expensive plumbing and structural wall repairs that require digging up the surface of your property. This is why root barrier are constructed to last when we install them. Our foundation repair uses high-grade products that we guarantee to last for as long as five or more years before you will need to re-evaluate the growth of the roots.

Prevention Better Than Cure

Planning what happens on your property is critical and it often is a measure of security against unexpected damages as well as unplanned hits to your household budget. Repairing places on your property such as your sidewalk or driveway and especially your foundation can be expensive if you a severe damage so hiring a foundation repair expert with a high degree of knowledge of root barrier is a good strategy to keep your repair costs to a minimum. But it’s also vital if you wish to prevent root problems before then begin. We know the signs for when a tree requires a root barrier system and you can benefit from our knowledge and workmanship.

Why Hire Us

Burleson Foundation Repair has long time experience constructing root barrier systems for homeowners. Our products have successfully created long term protection from tree roots extending far beyond their desired space thereby jeopardizing the integrity of structures. As a homeowner your property likely has a great deal of value you and you’ve invested resources to make your life more comfortable so don’t wait until tree roots are growing at your door or damaging your home’s foundation before the issue is resolved.

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