​​Pier and Beam Repair

When you have a home with a pier and beam foundation, you have made an excellent investment as you likely already know that other foundation types are typically less expensive. This is because pier and beam foundations are constructed to withstand the shifts and upheavals of soil that might normally crack a slab or basement style foundation. But eventually they do need maintenance and repair so it is of vital important that you use a foundation repair expert that understands the signs and symptoms that can occur when you have a pier and beam foundation style. Burleson Foundation Repair has years of experience providing well proven and successful remedies for homeowners with pier and beam foundations.

Easy Access to Complicated Repairs

It’s often difficult to predict when damage may occur to your foundation or to the utilities underneath but the good news with pier and beam foundation repairs is the easy access foundation experts will have to make complicated repairs. Your pier and beam foundation permits the ability to go underneath into a crawl space so that repair people gain access to electrical facilities or your plumbing rather than digging up your entire front or back yard to gain access to these utilities. Quite easily with a slab or basement foundation, you may notice fissures and cracks, but with a pier and beam foundation this is less of a consideration.

Knowing the Signs

Weather conditions in some areas of the country also contribute to the need for pier and beam repairs, particularly if they weather is hot with soil that has very little moisture content. This causes soil to disappear from around the perimeter of your foundation, causing what is known as foundation settlement. This may include signs like your floors sagging, cracks in the pier and beam foundation and you may also notice that they are beginning to tilt. This kind of structural damage is commonplace for our experts to repair with well proven and successful methods that do not have to cost you a fortune when you call for an evaluation and estimate.

Professional Knowledge

For many homeowners amateur foundation repair of pier and beams is just not a consideration or option. It you’re keen to retain the market value of your home hiring a trusted and skilled foundation repair expert for pier and beam repair may be just the solution you need to create not only long term protection and stability but also ensure that if your home is for sale you won’t be disappointed by the price attached to it. You’re likely able to get a better price on a home that has a well maintained and repaired foundation in which structural integrity is not up for debate, driving down your market value. .

Why Hire Us

As leaders in the pier and beam foundation repair and drainage repair sector, we are one of the most trusted experts in the region. You can expect the repairs made to your foundation to use well proven and successful methods that last for years. Burleson Foundation Repair performs free estimates of service and provides you with detailed plans of action so that you are well informed about our procedures

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