​Slab Repair


Signs of foundation repair often take years to know they exist if you’re not aware of the subtle signs before major damage becomes apparent. For homeowners that have slab foundations, they are typically built in places where a high water table might be present or if you live in a region that is always warm to hot and the ground is not prone to freezing which can cause foundation to crack from the rising and falling temperatures. In any scenario, your slab foundation has a lifespan and requires routine inspection and maintenance to ensure that your home does not experience damage in other locations. Burleson Foundation Repair is perfectly placed to provide you with the assistance you need to protect and repair your slab foundation and pier beam.

Cracks Are a Sign For Repair

Most of us know that anything without a firm foundation is set up to fall or fail and your slab foundation is no different. Cracks are a sure sign that you need to repair or your home is in for significant structural problems that will become increasingly more challenging and expensive to repair the longer your delay them. Tree roots snaking toward your home and breaking through the foundation as well as soil erosion and soil displacement are some clear factors for how your slab foundation could be jeopardized. You may begin to notice cracks in different places of your home such as under your windows or the brick or even areas of your floor could be affected over time. It is a slow process but will eventually damage the entire integrity of your home’s structure.

Protect Value of Your Home

As a homeowner you want to protect the value of your home and home improvements and repairs help you achieve that goal. Repairs to your slab foundation can increase the value of your home significantly upon resale when potential buyers see that damage has been corrected and eliminated. But even if you’re not attempting to sell your home, you are protecting it from further damage which can reduce its value over time. It’s particularly important that foundation experts who have deep experience to not only evaluate the problem but who can also provide accurate solutions conduct these foundation repair services. Structural damage repairs are serious and require foundation experts who can ensure the protection of the market value for your home.

Flooding and Standing Water

When it rains and this water fails to drain away, standing in puddles around your foundation long after other areas on your property are bone dry, this will likely over time damage your foundation. Poor drainage often leads to the soil around your foundation absorbing and expanding which will eventually cause cracks and fissures in the slab foundation. You may begin to notice sagging door and windows and your floors may even start to become weak and sag fro m the amount of moisture being held underneath and around the foundation. Our expert team is able to provide you with a free evaluation to determine how serious and fast you can expect more serious structural issues.

Why Hire Us

Just saying foundation repair might scare you and cause you to think of your savings draining away from repair costs. But you will find that expertise of Burleson Foundation Repair is the best top rated affordable foundation repair expert in the region. There’s nothing worse that waiting until your home is falling into expensive repairs that could take far longer than you imagined because you feared the expense. Instead, call us today and we will provide you with an affordable plan of action to your cracked concrete, foundation cracks, and slap repair.

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